Looking After Your Horse’s Health in Summer


d408e9963d258d3c73da12bba80bd1781366829687Summer is a great time of year as a horse owner – light mornings and evenings, long and leisurely hacks and a packed itinerary of shows. However, with the warmer weather there are a few things you need to be aware of when caring for your horse. Here’s a look at what to keep an eye on.

Make sure they have plenty of water

It’s essential that your horse has access to a plentiful and clean supply of water. They can become dehydrated in warm weather. Make sure your horse can easily reach their water supply and that it remains uncontaminated by insects, algae etc. If you’re out and about with your horse at show, consider taking along your own water and buckets so you don’t have to keep taking your horse to shared troughs and risk the spread of disease from other horses via shared water.

Protection from the sun

Lots of horses enjoy lazing in the sunshine, but make sure they also have access to some shade for when they need to get out of the heat. If your horse has pink skin or

Interesting Tidbits About Birds


yay-661553-digitalBird lovers know that these inquisitive and social creatures make ideal pets that can provide plenty of entertainment and companionship. While all birds need basic housing, nutritious food and plenty of watchful care, it is important to understand the features that are unique to each species that may affect their health and happiness. Whether you are considering a pet bird or already have one of your own, check out these interesting tidbits about birds that can provide more insight into their behavior.

Birds Can Outlive Their Owner

Before choosing a bird as a pet, it is important for you to know that many birds have extremely long life spans. Canaries, budgies and lovebirds can all live eight years or more, and macaws and cockatoos can live well beyond 40 years. For this reason, many bird owners appoint a guardian for their bird to ensure continuous care in the event that it outlives them.

Mushrooms are Harmful to Birds

While you can watch as your pet bird happily gobbles up many of the fresh fruits and vegetables that you put on your plate, it may come as a

The Reality of Zoos



Confused Animal Lover from St. Louis writes, “I’m a huge animal lover, and I understand why the circus is bad for animals, but what about zoos?”

Great question! Many people aren’t aware of the cruelty behind zoos, so it’s good that you’re thinking about animals used for entertainment. When I was a kid, I went to the zoo all the time with my family. I loved pandas as a kid (still do!), and I thought being able to see them in person would be neat. But once I saw them “up close and personal,” I realized that the animals were miserable. It instantly became very clear to me that the animals imprisoned in zoos are sad and don’t want to be kept in artificial environments, have people gawk at them, listen to children who bang on the windows of their enclosures, or have cameras flashing in their faces. To put it simply, zoos are imprisoning animals who want to be free.

Captive animals are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them, and as a result, they become bored and lonely and many even suffer from a condition called “zoochosis.” If you’ve

Cat Safety Tips And Latest Information About Cats

Cats are very charming and beautiful pets. If you own a cat, you will have a cuddle buddy who lots of time will annoy you throughout the day. Their lively character makes them even more wonderful than other pets. During summer days, it is very important to keep your cats out of the way of harm.

In this article, I have explained some safety tips of your cat during the summer season.

Give water to cats regularly

This is what that many cat owners forget that cats can not take care of this themselves. It is up to you to provide them with constant access to water. Do not leave your cat without water for even a short time period because it is dangerous. So, be sure to always have an ample drinking water available and refresh it daily.

Keep their hairs short

Another tip you can take to increase the safety of your cat is to clip their hairs if the hairs of your cats are long. This might look funny, but lots of breeds require summer haircuts and it will definitely increase the ability of your cat to stay cool in the hot weather.

Stay in the shade

During the very hot days of the

Rabbit Handling Tips

Think about the first time you picked up and carried a baby. It must have been an exciting but also frightening experience. You are not that sure if you are handling the baby right. While it may offend some to compare a rabbit with a baby, rabbit handling should also be done correctly for your pet’s safety and for yours, as well. Here are some rabbit handling tips:

Approach by Stroking Its Head

The approach is the first step of raising rabbits. Do you know that your pet rabbit cannot see what is directly in front of its nose? That said, if you stroke its nose, you may get your hand bitten by a badly frightened rabbit. So, you stroke its head, instead. It is sort of like a signal that you are a friend and that you meant it no harm.

Lift from Its Level

Because lifting it suddenly may alarm the poor rabbit, you should lift it while crouching low on the floor. This way, your pet can see just who it is that is about to pick it up. Assure your pet that you are not about to eat it, just about to lift and cuddle it. One rule of rabbit

People And Pets Memorial Plaques

Memorial plaque is a plaque that is used for the commemoration of our loved ones that passed away whether they are people or pets such as dog or cats.

Where is a memorial plaque placed?

People memorial is placed particularly in cemeteries, structures, entrances, navy vessels, army compounds and even in the mid of the streets of a city on monuments.

Pet memorial plaques are regularly situated in the backyards of the dead pets holders. Memorial benches can be found in public parks and gardens

Commemorative Picture Plaques and commemorative writing plaques

plaques such as people memorial plaques and pet signs contain facts about the dead person like the birth and death dates and the death’s cause of the loved one.

Memorial plaques that contains a picture, photo or image assists people to remember the face of their loved ones who passed away.

A memorial which contains only writing is good as well since it includes essential info about the deceased person.

Memorial Bench Plaques

Memorial bench plaques are plaques that are placed on benches in parks and gardens and contain text like “for the memory of… “(Name of the person that passed away).

In the installation process of the it is essential that the place for the sign will

Leopard Tortoises As Pets Right For You.

The Leopard Tortoise is one of the most popular types of tortoise to be kept as a pet, mostly because of its attractiveness due to the patterns on its shell, from which it gets its name in the first place. The pattern becomes less pronounced as the tortoise ages, but the adults still look pretty good, even if they’re not as striking as the young ones.

These are large tortoises, and there are very few larger species that are commonly kept as pets. This can create some problems as obviously not everybody has room for one of these animals in their garden. They also do not hibernate, so if you live in an area that gets cold during the winter, you’ll need enough space to keep your pet indoors for a few months every year.

Once you’ve overcome the temperature issue, most of their requirements in an outdoor enclosure aren’t too difficult to meet, but one common stumbling block is the hide box. At night or during bad weather, the tortoise will retreat into the hide box to sleep or shelter, and it needs to be heated, insulated and not let any light in. For a fully grown adult Leopard Tortoise, one

Decorative Cages for Reptiles and Other Exotic Animals

My name is Jay W. Nelmes, I was born in Petropolis Brazil in 1965. Although I did not live there long, I remember enough of this beautiful country that it has always intrigued me. My older brother John Charles is 16 years older than I am, so he had the opportunity to explore the jungle quite often and collect Butterflies as well as a vast array of other insects which he mounted in glass frame cases. His collection was fascinating and inspired me into the world of entomology.

With my attempt to imitate my brothers work, it was to no avail. His methods with the use of steam to open up there wings, and other methods to preserving them was something I never learned. We both departed when he had gone to England while I moved to the United States in 1970 at yrs. of age.

During my later childhood I still collected insects with the attempt to imitate my brother but never achieved the ability to do so. I then became attracted to the Reptile & Amphibian World since this began to intrigue me.

I began to build my first primitive cages for my first lizards which were anoles at age